Top 7 Betting ad networks

You’re willing to work with sports bets but don’t know where to find the right traffic?

Look no further: in this article the RichAds ad network team will help you choose the best Betting ad networks.

Top Betting ad networks: overview

The niche of Betting has always been and will remain extremely popular among media buyers as the number of people interested in online betting and bookmakers continues to grow. That is why there are lots of ad networks that offer betting traffic. 

However, it’s no easy task finding a good Betting network for publishers among so many of them. That is why our team at RichAds has decided to prepare this material that should help you sort it all out as easily and quickly as possible. 

Top 7 Betting ad networks:
1. RichAds
2. Kadam
3. PropellerAds
4. ROIAds
5. Adsterra
6. EZMob
7. TacoLoco

1. RichAds

The ad network RichAds is considered to be one of the most well-known ad networks where you can work with different types of traffic and various verticals: Nutra, Sweepstakes, Mobile Apps and Utilities, Dating, Gambling and Betting. The network has 5+ billion views per day in more than 200 GEOs and allows you to work on a CPC or CPM model with the minimal click price starting at $0,005. 

RichAds gives you the opportunity to work with the following ad formats: 

  • push notifications (+ in-page and calendar);
  • pop traffic (including popunder);
  • native ads;
  • domain (direct click) traffic.

RichAds offers traffic all around the world. In our blog you can always find more information on which GEOs convert best with the chosen type of traffic and vertical. There is also a separate page for Betting where you can find more than a dozen articles on how to boost profit in this specific vertical. 

In our ad network we have our own features to help you optimize your campaign with betting traffic:

  • Performance Mode: is particularly useful for newbies and allows to optimize the campaign easily with the help of black- and white lists;
  • Automated rules: will automatically create white- and black lists to save time;
  • Micro bidding: will correct the rates within one campaign;
  • Target CPA: will set a desired price for a conversion to optimize the campaign automatically. 

The minimum deposit is $150 and you can start your first ad campaign immediately. If you deposit more than $500, you will get a personal manager who will help with setting the campaign and optimizing it. The deposit can be made via a bank transfer, Wire transfer, Capitalist or other payment methods. 

The quality of the traffic is constantly being assessed with both internal tools and an external one – Adscore. Besides, traffic is divided into 4 categories based on performance: Premium, Standart, Remnant and New. This allows media buyers to test offers with the best traffic in the network. 

2. Kadam

The advertising network Kadam has been operating since 2012 and is especially popular among Eastern European countries. You can work on a CPM, CPC or CPA models, have the detailed statistics available at hand and use different targeting tools to reach the target audience. 

What kind of ads can you find in Kadam?

  • banners;
  • native ads;
  • regular, on site and in-app push notifications;
  • clickunder.

The network has developed its own special algorithm CPA Target that will bring more conversions for the price you’ve set. They also have a fraud filter: all conversions and impressions that are flagged as suspicious will not be in the statistics, but will be transferred to ‘free clicks’. 

The first deposit should start at $100, further deposits – from $50. 

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAds has been on the market for 13 years and is known as a “multisource ad platform”. Their traffic volume amounts to around a billion views per month for such verticals as Finance, Mobile utilities, Surveys, Software, Lead generation, Gambling and Betting. 

You will find the following types of traffic on the platform:

  • push notifications;
  • popunder;
  • interstitial;
  • survey exit.

PropellerAds is a great option for a Betting ad network where you can easily start your campaigns and later optimize them. To help you with that they have developed Automated rules, CPA Goal bid to set the optimal conversion price and SmartCPM bidding to get well-converting traffic for a good price.

The minimum deposit is $100 for every payment method, except for the Wire Transfer. 

4. ROIAds

ROIAds is an advertising network that has just recently started working, but they can already offer around 600 million views per day. The main work model is CPC, and you can work with more than 150 countries. As is evident from the their name, their mission is to have you reach the highest ROI possible.  

You can work with Betting offers and drive push and pop traffic from ROIAds. These ad formats work perfectly with the niche. 

ROIAds will also help you manage your campaign: they will help find the best combination for betting traffic, prepare creatives and compile white- and blacklists. 

The minimum deposit is $250. It can be made with credit cards, bank transfer or Capitalist. 

5. Adsterra

Adsterra is an advertising network that has been working since 2013 and since then has become widely known worldwide. At the moment the traffic volume amounts to 30 billions views per month all around the world and encompasses about 50 thousand publishers and advertisers. In Adsterra you work with different verticals, including Gambling and Betting. 

Ad formats that are available in the Adsterra ad network: 

  • popunder; 
  • social bar;
  • in-page push notifications;
  • banners;
  • direct link;
  • native ads. 

What else can you find in Adsterra? 

  • Smart CPM and CPA Goal that will help optimize ad campaign even faster; 
  • Pricing Tokens to track ad expenses;  
  • Traffic Chart and Traffic Estimator to assess the volume of traffic and rates.

The minimum deposit is $100 that you can easily put with Paxum, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay or Capitalist.

6. EZMob

EZMob is an advertising network with 1+ billion ad requests per day that has been specifically designed to allow you to manage all your campaigns by yourself. 

At EZMob there are 5 ad formats available:

  • display/banners;
  • popunder;
  • push traffic;
  • native ads;
  • calendar.

All of these formats can work great with sports bets with an average bid price being at around $0.4.

The minimum sum to start working is $50. It should be enough for the initial test and further optimization. 

7. TacoLoco

TacoLoco is a push advertising network that offers quality betting traffic for a minimal price all around the world.

What ad formats are available at TacoLoco?

  • push notifications and in-page push;
  • popunder;
  • direct click;
  • banners.

The minimum deposit to start working is $100 for all payment systems. For bank transfer, though – $1000.


In this article we’ve listed some of the top Betting ad networks for both publishers and advertisers where you can find high quality betting traffic for any GEO. 

With RichAds you can start working with Betting offers now! Sign up, choose the type of traffic you want to work with (or consult with our managers) and jump start your profit! 

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