A profile of an average online casino player in the USA: insights for affiliates

It’s no secret that the USA is one of the juiciest Gambling regions for affiliates  — the market is estimated at $23 billion in 2024!

In the article RichAds ad network team explains all about online casino target audience in the USA and which creative approaches to choose for the gamblers.

Find all the peculiarities about casino players in the USA below!

An American gambler from A to Z

At least 85% of the overall USA population tried any form of Gambling at least once in their lifetime, according to Gambling Industry News. It makes the potential audience of online casino more than diverse, though let’s focus on the profile of most active casino players in the article.

Stats that prove that Gamblers in the USA are really active:

  • Average revenue per user in the USA will reach $350 in 2024;
  • By 2029, the amount of online casino players in the region will be 97.7 million;
  • In 2024, user penetration of the USA market can become 19.2%.

A portrait of a US online casino player 

Who is an average casino player in the USA? What games are most popular among users? Which states to target first? 

Let’s find out!


Due to the diversity of each state, it’s hard to paint one whole picture, though there are several similarities that we noticed when analyzing California, Washington and Nevada.

It’s mostly young people who gamble, an average age is 18 to 24, while the amount of men and women is pretty much similar, about 52% of men and 48% of women. Older generations are also interested in online Gambling, pay attention to the group of 55 years and above.

Source: start.io

Device usage

In terms of device choice, desktop and mobile usage is pretty much the same, people in the USA are starting to gamble via mobile more often these years. What concerns OS, Android is most often used in most states, while popular carriers are T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.


Most popular games and payment methods

There are several most popular online casino games that the players from the USA engage in most of all.

Most popular online casino games in the USA:

  • Slots,
  • Blackjack,
  • Poker,
  • Roulette,
  • Craps,
  • Baccarat.

In terms of payment options, everything’s quite standard: payment cards like Visa and MasterCard are really popular, together with PayPal and Neteller, Skrill and Venmo e-wallets. 

Less popular methods include wire transfers and eChecks, in terms of pre-paid cards Americans usually choose Paysafecard. Apple and Google Pay are also accepted by some casinos.

Creative approaches for promoting casino offers in the USA

Now that you know the main insights on American gamblers, let’s look at a couple of approaches to advertise online Gambling in the USA.

We’ve researched the most converting creatives approaches suitable for push traffic, as these types of ads work best of all for Gambling ads due to the absence of restrictions, voluntary subscription of users and affordability.

  • Specify exact numbers.
    The USA audience is not linear, some users play for entertainment, while others do hope to earn a lot. Writing exact bonuses that your casino provides on a creative is the best strategy. Just make sure the bonus is relevant!
  • Lure with freebies.
    In comparison with Tier 3 regions, average income of a US citizen is quite high, so even if they’re attracted by free spins and some other “free entry” methods, they’ll still spend a good amount of money on online Gambling activities, so you can try this approach without any fear.
  • Attract with “winning” schema.
    It can be an expert article on hacking casino or betting websites or some specific strategy to trick casinos. Users like to believe that there are simple ways to win and are really willing to read about them. This gives a sense of control and being the smartest among others. Use the desire to your advantage!
  • Use combined approaches.
    Knowing insights on your target audience, you can combine several approaches in one creative. For instance, use pics of girls in lingerie for male audience paired with huge bonuses specified in the text.


Make sure you use the data to target users from the USA for your online casino campaigns in 2024 and gain bigger profit.

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