Briefly with RichAds: Start with push traffic

Briefly with RichAds how to Start with push traffic

How to start with push traffic? We are answering the most popular questions!

1. What is push traffic?

You must have seen notifications on some of your device and at least once clicked them going to some website. These visits to the website or landing page are push traffic itself.

Originally push notifications were created to report users on updates and new information. But later affiliate marketers found another use of them and were right as now it’s possible not only inform but also make profit. Today there are native, in-page, and in-app push formats. Each of them has its advantages.


2. Why push traffic? I’ve heard that other formats also convert well…

Push notifications have a number of advantages that’s why they are one of the most effective ad formats. The most important point is that you can’t miss them. With the emergence of different ad types, people start becoming “blind” and many ad channels lose their effectiveness. Besides, the user can go to the pre-landing or landing page just by one click – it increases the possibility of conversion. The user can also see notification even if he was offline (later, when he will be online again).

One more important benefit is low CPC in comparison with other ads channels like Facebook or Google Ads. That’s why it’s much more profitable to work with push notifications than with other ad formats.

3. I’m afraid of push traffic ineffectiveness. Which verticals perform well with push traffic?

The main advantage of push notifications is that you can use it running the offer appropriate for a wide audience. So, you can reach a huge mass of people using just one offer and one traffic type.

With the help of push notifications, you can advertise limited promotions and offers, news, local and online businesses. E-commerce sphere, materials for downloading, mobile apps, games, and sweepstakes also work really nicely. For example, complex B2B product aimed at quite a narrow audience probably won’t work with push traffic. On the other hand, online games targeted a wide audience would be perfect for push advertising.

For example, here are top verticals for push traffic in RichAds ad network: gambling, sweepstakes, betting, dating, finance, and nutra.



4. And what about GEOs? Which countries are the most profitable working with push traffic?

Push traffic has a huge audience around the world that’s why it will convert almost in all GEOs. You should just choose the country from Tier 1, 2, or 3 depending on your budget and offer. For example, in Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia) push notifications show nice results. Africa also has started showing results in traffic volumes and amount of clicks recently. Speaking about Europe, the audience here is more solvent. That’s why CPC is quite high.


5. Push traffic requires creatives. What should I know about them to get conversions?

Creatives must be concise and simple, with no extra details that will distract attention. Avoid text on icons and main images as you have the headline. The icon, not the image plays the main role in creative. Emoji is one more crucial component of any creative. It was verified that they increase CTR!

When it comes to the number of creatives for one campaign, the optimal number is 3-5. With them you will be able to perform a/b testing, exclude non-converting creatives, and use only profitable ones. Change the text of the creatives as well as colors of the icons and main images finding the best formula for your creative.

Also, we recommend updating your creatives on a regular basis as they have a way of burning out. Here you can use the option of getting special creatives from the RichAds team (“Professional”>⚙️ plan).


6. Can I run any offers or there are certain restrictions?

Main restrictions are nudity and all that is forbidden by law in the country that you have chosen as GEO. Also, you can’t use brands (without their prior approval). Advertising of illegal drugs and medicines are also forbidden.


7. I don’t know how to make successful landing pages. Are there any basic elements for converting landers?

Don’t try to find landing pages with lots of elements. As with creatives, the most important here is to make a concise page that will be able to attract user’s attention. Catchy headline, clear call to action at the beginning of the page, and quality images are the main components of a successful and working landing page. Besides, don’t target traffic to the main page of the website.

Also, we recommend using pre-landing pages. They hold the users’ interest and increase the possibility of conversion.


8. I’m afraid of wasting the budget during the testing stage. Which life hacks can help?

The first important moment is a/b testing. It’s impossible to get profit without trying different variants and bundles of creatives. The intuition here will hardly help – just try different variants. The second point is the budget limit. On testing stage imply a daily budget limit, it will help to avoid unpredictable spend. Use targeting options: you can segment users and increase the reach of the target audience.

We recommend testing all the sources but for the start it will be enough to test just white lists.


9. Can I reach iOS devices with push notifications?

A year ago sending push notifications to iOS devices was impossible. Today we have in-page push format which allows launch ads even on Apple devices. Besides, this format helps to circumvent restrictions of the Chrome browser and reach a wider audience. With this fresh audience CTR will be even higher!


10. Will I be able to launch a successful campaign from the first time?

It’s difficult to get the profit from your first campaign but still possible if you follow certain rules.

As soon as you start your campaign it’s necessary to track results and change settings according to the statistics. Analyze creatives making split tests and eliminate all non-converting bundles. Also, work with targeting and disable all sources that don’t work.


Now you know about push traffic everything that were afraid to ask. Run campaigns with RichAds and get profit easily! 

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