Dating ads predictions: experts share 2024 trends

How to promote Dating campaigns in 2024? Is there something new on the market that affiliates shall be aware about?

Look for Dating advertising predictions in the article! The team of RichAds ad network talked to 5 CPA networks and gathered their expertise on the Dating vertical.

Main Dating trends in 2024

With the global annual revenue of online Dating apps of 5.43 billion, the industry is full of juicy potential and is not going to stop. 

There are a lot of reports and data on online Dating that prove the development of the industry, however, we are not going to splash out on each milestone, we’d rather share the most important trends of 2024 that can help you when launching Dating ad campaigns.

Huge market growth and appearance of new products

While for CIS countries many apps became unavailable, in Europe and the USA there’s a lot going on with their development, only in February 2024, Tinder reached 4.4 million monthly downloads, while Bumble can boast of 3.2 million, which also proves a significant growth of the market.

Source: Statista

Speaking about the revenue of Dating apps, the income grows by leaps and bounds, reaching 5.5 billion in 2023. Another interesting fact concerns users, an average person spends $243 annually per app, with mostly men being involved in paid subscriptions, which means that people are ready to pay for finding love.

Source: Appfigures, Business of Apps

Last but not least, if you drive traffic to CIS countries, be ready to find appropriate offers, Tinder is no longer relevant, so it’s better to pay attention to “newbies” in the market like Twinby or Pure.

Changed consumer motivation and demographics

Stats say that the Dating landscape changed greatly, casual hookups are not a priority anymore, more than 80% of people look for serious relationships in online Dating apps. According to the research by Pew Research Center, at least 1 in 5 committed relationships start via online Dating apps or sites.

Speaking about ages, the situation also changed a bit. The highest interest is no longer shown by Gen Z, aged from 20 to 24, while Millennials are more active, those are people from 35 to 40. About 47% of Millennials are actively looking for a couple these days and register on Dating sites more frequently.

Another interesting fact is that the holiday season in December is the most active period when 51% of adults feel pressured to find their long-time partner, so launching ad campaigns in this period may turn out to be crazy lucrative.

LGBTQ Dating apps rise

With the dominance of classic Dating apps on the market, affiliates usually forget about quite a lucrative niche —- LGBTQ. Stats by Pew Research Center prove that 54% of gays and lesbians have used such apps to find their love, and 24% succeed in finding a lifetime partner there.

Source: Pew Research Center

In terms of demographics, the situation differs from “straight” apps data. Men and women are engaged in online dating almost equally, with 57% of male and 46% of female users. Ages are also a bit different, the most dominant group is between 18 and 49, it’s about 51% of total users, while 30% are those aged from 50 to 64.

Now that you know global Dating market trends, let’s get to Dating ad predictions by experts, we’ll share what’s going on in the industry in 2024.

Dating ads predictions: expert edition

RichAds team contacted 5 CPA networks and asked what’ll be trending for Dating vertical in 2024, below you’ll get all the answers. As a bonus, our team also analyzed the market and prepared a few insights for you!


Let’s start with the most interesting part — GEOs. We see the stable results in Tier 1 countries like the USA, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands as well as Japan. Though, the competition for newbies can be a bit high, so we’d advise to also test India and LATAM, payouts may be not that high, but the results would be stable for sure. Check out our monthly “GEOs and verticals” reports to stay tuned for more trends!

In terms of traffic sources, our highest recommendation is push and in-page push ads. They imitate personal messages for users and create a sense of real profiles in Dating apps, which is perfect. Apart from that, the formats are quite affordable and have zero restrictions for any creatives, so are really worth a try in 2024 and do show results, you can see a case of our advertiser here, not to be unfounded.

Of course, AI is not just a trend, it’s a must for any affiliate launching Dating campaigns, so optimizing campaigns is now dead easy. We’d advise to test automated algorithms like Performance Mode, Automated Rules and Target CPA to eliminate any efforts from your side and get only relevant traffic as fast as possible.


1.  Online dating apps userbase has doubled in size over the last 5 years. Almost a third of all Internet users worldwide today consider trying some form of online dating, hence various services are appearing almost every month to meet this growing demand.

2.  Dating brand owners cater to their specific target audience, its age, intentions, or other preferences. If a specific app becomes known to be perfect for serious relationships, its developer usually provides a carefully crafted interface and appropriate monetization strategy. As the competition grows tougher, it is way safer to preserve current market share and target a similar audience, than to meet everyone’s expectations.

3.  Neural networks have started to play a big part in recommendation algorithms. AI is now monitoring not only the user’s profile, but a ton of other metrics like chat keywords, activity cycle, specific pages visited, time spent looking at particular photo etc. Such a massive amount of data has previously been very difficult to tackle, but now we’re likely to see even more user involvement overall.


The Dating vertical is quite stable, but it has also developed trends worth paying attention to in 2024. 

First and foremost are the various monetization models for products. In addition to the classic subscription model, the coin model and hybrid models are entering the game. With different product monetization formats, you can more effectively match products to your traffic, experiment, and generate new profits. 

Our team at AdsEmpire keeps a finger on the pulse and is actively developing work with these offers. We recommend testing them!

Another undeniable trend is the use of AI. AI is now making a revolution in affiliate marketing. The workflow is becoming simpler: you can now generate content, gather information, and perform analytics, tracking, and personalization of advertising campaigns.

Check out our interview with AdsEmpire on RichAds YouTube channel

Dating is one of the leading and most interesting verticals in our system. 

Among the trends we can highlight the increasing need for precise targeting: nationality/religion/type of employment/sexual orientation. These issues are extremely important for geos with conservative views on personal life. 

All of the above form the creative’s requirements: standard appearance for the advertised region, “realism”. At the same time it is encouraging that the beginning of 2024 was marked by an increase in CIS dating traffic – global digitalization is bearing fruit.


The Dating vertical is still relevant to all geos, but Tier 1 countries remain the most promising for affiliates. Working with the USA, Germany, France, Canada and the United Kingdom is still very profitable. However, good income can also be earned in less developed regions. 

In 2024, we’d recommend testing (if you haven’t already) locations in Latin America, Asia and some regions of Africa. Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China and Israel show good potential. Many people here are actively looking for new audiences.

There are still many dating traffic channels in the market. Today it is possible to find quality audiences on both traditional social networks and niche dating websites. Yes, ASO traffic is down, but search and social traffic are on the rise.

In general, the foundation already laid in the Dating niche is being progressively enhanced as technology (including AI) develops.


In our view, many dating products will soon feature new technological advancements thanks to the integration or partial integration of artificial intelligence. In fact, this is already happening, even with simple offers 18+. To enhance user experience, AI is replacing bots on sites 18+, chatters on content sales platforms, translators in dating services, and so on.

Additionally, we will soon see more content sales platforms competing with or resembling OnlyFans. The trend of expressing gender differences in various countries and the emergence of new gender identities is becoming increasingly noticeable. 

Products will emerge to meet the demand for content, community interaction with gender-specific features, and partner searches for dating. Traforce strive to keep up with all these trends, propose our partners great offers with high rates, and help them find the traffic to earn more and for the long term!

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a master in Dating ad campaigns, launching offers in the niche will be profitable for anyone.

Make sure you test Dating offers on RichAds traffic soon to double your profit and income!

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