Dating Vertical Trends in Affiliate Marketing for 2023

How to promote Dating in 2023 and boost your revenue?

We’ve collected all the Dating trends of the year in one article, stay tuned!

With the constant year-by-year growth of online Dating, it’s expected to reach USD 10.49 billion, so the whole land of opportunities opens up for affiliate marketers. For the reason it’s crucial to keep abreast of all the industry trends to actually earn on it.

From the post you’ll learn about global dating app trends as well as trends of Dating in performance marketing. Don’t miss them!

Five global online Dating trends

Nothing remains the same, especially in cyberspace, trends come and go as they depend on the human preferences and overall situation in the world. There were many shifts in online dating audience behavior in 2022 that led to new Dating trends this year.

Below we’ll look at some of the most viral and promising ones, they’ll certainly help marketers to understand the target audience’s desires better.

1. Women are the first to make a move

In 2023 there’s no surprise that women can also take initiative and get acquainted with men, especially with the appearance of such apps like Bumble. 

Such Dating apps inspire women to take the initiative and be the ones to choose, which actually increases the amount of female audience. Also Dating experts claim that conversations that are started by women tend to last longer. So they are more likely to end in a real-life meeting or a relationship.

2. No more physical appearance binding

The year will bring great changes to the way people choose their couple. Despite the fact that online Dating apps are mostly based on algorithms that encourage people to choose by appearance, stats show that it’s no longer a thing. 

Bumble stats claim that one third of people (38%) will no longer search for a specific type of person, they’re open to all the variations of physical appearance. What’s more, 63% of people don’t really care about looks, they seek for emotionally available daters and meaningful conversations.

3. Long-distance relationships gain momentum 

The era of COVID has passed, but taught a lot of people to make bonds and have relationships online. In 2023 the trend’s going to continue, people are no longer afraid of dating a person that lives in another city or even country. To be precise, 33% of people, according to Bumble stats, are ok with having a partner who lives remotely. 

Actually, lots of people prefer to start their relationship online and not meet in person for some time intentionally. They claim that this helps to get to know each other better and learn whether they want to let the person into their lives or not.

4. Open convos about sex is not a taboo

As more and more users start their relationships online, they’re more prone to talk about all the aspects at early talking stages, not to waste time. And sex is one of such topics!

To be precise, about 53% of people say that they want to discuss sex early in a relationship. What’s more, 40% state that they’re ready to discuss intimacy openly and sincerely. This is one of the Dating vertical trends that can be used in making creatives, a marketer can apply spicy creatives even for mainstream Dating offers as sex is no longer a taboo for most of the users.

5. Inclusivity is more than welcome

There are more and more apps that are dedicated to matching people with specific interests, sexual orientation or hobbies. Users now really want to find someone really similar to them, a so-called soulmate, that’s why they use Dating apps for dog-lovers, vegans and vegetarians, music lovers, and so on. 

Obviously, popular Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge also continue to add more features for users to show their interests, not only appearance. This trend will surely prolong in 2023!

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Dating vertical in affiliate marketing: trends of 2023

One of the oldest and evergreen niches of affiliate marketing is undoubtedly Dating, and it’s not going anywhere in 2023. It’s especially on the go now due to the fact that many networks, including RichAds, allow using spicy creatives and landing pages without any limitations.

There are a couple of trends that a marketer should keep in mind while launching Dating offers in 2023. If you wish to get the highest ROI, make sure you follow them and use to your advantage in the campaigns.

The pool of GEOs is wider

Of course, the best countries for Dating change from month to month, but we can observe a global trend of the market. Undoubtedly, the USA continues to be the biggest and richest GEO for Dating vertical, though European and Asian countries are becoming more and more popular.

If you’re a newbie in the niche, it’s better to start with less competitive GEOs, for instance, China, Germany, France, and India. You can even test South Africa, the volumes of target audience are rapidly growing there. 

What concerns RichAds stats, this year we can already see the prevalence of the same GEOs for Dating — Brazil, France, China and the USA are on top. Moreover, you can pay attention to Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Germany. 

Make sure you follow the “Best GEOs and verticals” tag at RichAds, and you’ll always be aware of the freshest countries for Dating.  

Alternative sources of traffic rock

Everyone knows that Dating offers can be promoted via various channels, starting from socials to SEO and Google. The only issue that marketers face when promoting both mainstream and non-mainstream Dating is restrictions and bans when it comes to creatives, especially for Facebook and Google traffic channels. 

For this reason it’s crucial to seek alternative traffic channels in 2023. One of the most important parts of driving traffic to Dating is creatives, so images shall be luring and diverse, without any limitations. To achieve this effect, it’s better to test push and in-page push notifications. Their advantages also include low price per click, the personalization effect, really high CTRs as well as the freshest audience.

One more alternative traffic source that has proven its effectiveness for Dating niche is native ads. They are really non-intrusive and adjust to the website content, so they don’t disturb potential clients. This way users are left with positive impressions from your offer!

Target audience research

The world is evolving, and Dating habits change each year. Earlier the target audience of Dating apps were mostly heterosexual middle-aged men, but now everything’s different. It’s crucial to do a detailed research of the desired GEO before making creatives and landing pages.

For instance, let’s take the most popular country — the USA. According to the latest polls, LBTQ Dating is more popular than traditional one. What concerns age, younger people are prevalent, and the amount of men is 32% while women are 28%, which is almost the same. 

Choosing natural-looking creatives

Ideal and unrealistic beauty standards are in the past, users tend to believe pictures that resemble an ordinary person. It’d be even better if the appearance of a girl or a man in the ad is relevant to the region you’re driving traffic to. Make sure you use some kind of selfie or an unprofessional photo.

More elements that can add a realistic effect to your creatives are icons of popular Dating apps, messenger and voice icons as well as names of potential partners. You can use texts like “Jane sent you a voicemail” or “Arthur left a message for you”. This way the ads will be more personalized and intriguing.

Important: it’s necessary to test a few approaches simultaneously, so add at least 5-10 creatives to your campaign. If you don’t have time to make them yourself, managers at RichAds can provide them for free.

AI tools implementation

Dating offers as any others require constant optimization from a marketer, that’s the only way to succeed. In 2023 the process is simplified, you can use automatization to speed up this routine and make it effortless. 

At RichAds we already offer a few tools and algorithms that can assist in promoting Dating offers more effectively:

  • Automated Rules. If you’re tired of renewing blacklists daily, while re-checking tracking info and incoming leads, this is a function that will do this instead of you. Basically, it turns off the sources that do not get to your desired CPA or don’t bring conversions at all.
  • Performance Mode. Another daily helper in terms of optimization, due to the function your white- and blacklists will be updated automatically according to your settings. Furthermore, no tracking is required, it works both with and without it.
  • Target CPA. Wanna get to your desired price per conversion while doing nothing? The algorithm is made for this! You just set up a regular campaign and emphasize your CPA goal, all the rest is done instead of you, black- and whitelists as well as Micro bidding are created by the system.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a professional in promoting Dating offers, keeping abreast of trends is a necessity. We hope that this article really shed some light on the best GEOs, creatives and overall tendencies in the niche this year.

Don’t hesitate, launch Dating offers at RichAds in 2023!

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