Cloud-based tracking solution

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Cloud-based tracking solution meaning

Cloud-based tracking solution or tracker is the first and most important tool an affiliate marketer needs. Without it, the process of running any advertising campaign will be like stumbling around in the dark looking for a treasure.

A tracker is a tool that captures information from the advertising network and information about approved conversions from the affiliate network in one place. The tracker can monitor many advertising campaigns at once, and you get a tool that contains all the statistics necessary for testing and optimization.

How to choose a type of tracker?

Choosing a type of tracker (self-hosted or cloud-based solutions), you need to understand your needs. First, with which countries you will work: nearby or around the world. What kind of workload your tracker will have: how many events you plan to process per month. This information will help you choose the right option among trackers and their various pricing plans.

Cloud-based tracking solution

There are two types of trackers: self-hosted and cloud-based solutions.  There is no definite answer to which one is better. Let’s find out what these affiliate tracking software terms mean.

What is a cloud-based tracker?

Cloud-based trackers are faster than self-hosted ones. You can work with all parts of the world at once and get information as quickly as possible. It’s an excellent choice for campaigns in different GEOs, especially long-range ones. The speed of processing and data transfer will be as fast as for neighboring countries.

But there is one thing: you will have to immediately calculate how many events you need to process with the tracker and select the appropriate plan. If you exceed the limit, you will have to pay extra for additional events. As a rule, this limit is up to 100.000 events in free versions, and up to 1.000.000 events per month in the cheapest plan.

What is a self-hosted tracker?

If you choose a self-hosted tracker,  you will have to spend money at the very start. You will need the budget for the purchase and installation of the server, but then you won’t have to pay more.

But in this case, there are some nuances you should keep in mind: the server tracker is an excellent choice for advertising campaigns in neighboring countries with the country where the server is installed. The further the server is from the country, the more traffic you will lose. Therefore, you will have to install additional servers to work with remote countries. In fact, you do not need to pay for events or the volume of traffic that will go through the tracker.

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