Postback: Access to all RichPush features

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Postback is the integration between the marketing servers and tracking. After adjusting settings for postback, information regarding conversions in the marketing network of push traffic.

Information regarding incoming conversions is necessary to add additional functions of optimization of RichPush:

  • Target CPA allows for more conversions according to the target price
  • SmartCPC lowers the CPC while traffic volume remains the same
  • Optimization rules allow one set rules for automatic optimization.

Postback settings allow:

  1. Monitor campaign traffic with specific parameters
  2. Use unique functions to optimize RichPush performance.


11 third-party trackers are integrated into RichPush to conveniently work with large volumes of traffic. Setting up conversions for RichPush trackers is fast and easy.

1. Go into the RichPush campaign setting or create a new campaign:

2. Go to the Tracking type section and choose Postback request:

3. Copy the link for postback settings and change [CLICK ID]and REVENUE_IN_USD for the trackers that you are setting up for postback:

For example, if the third-party tracker uses the parameters {clickid} and {payout},the link will look like this:{clickid}&price={payout}

If desired, after the second “&” the text can be deleted not to relay information about payouts.

Please note: parameters for each tracker can be different. To create the correct link it’s important to know all the parameters for the tracker’s conversion.

4. Place the formulated link into the campaign’s settings in the tracker. For example:

5. In the tracker combine {clickid} with [CLICK_ID] in the marketing network:

The [CLICK_ID] button is mandatory, other choices are optional

Save the settings for the marketing campaign.

Forming the Destination URL

While forming the Destination URL in the offer link, the [CLICK_ID] button is necessary, the other choices are optional.

Usually, offer links contain the Click ID parameter. Replace the numeric id with RichPush, so the link has the clickid formula = [CLICK_ID]. For example:

  • Offer link —
  • Offer link with —[CLICK_ID]


Postback settings allow the optimization of the campaign to achieve the best results. After changing the settings you can conveniently monitor the profitability of the investment into marketing.

Additional questions regarding setting up marketing campaigns will be answered by an advertisement manager for the RichPush push-traffic network.