Mainstream Dating in Affiliate Marketing

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In general, Mainstream Dating is the most popular niche in the Dating vertical. Unlike Adult Dating, target audience is as wide as possible and includes people of different ages and genders.

This niche is very popular among affiliate marketers, because there is always a high demand for dating apps, and with the pandemic outbreak, it has only grown.

In the article we will provide a definition of this vertical, explain why it is worth driving traffic to and how to promote it and get the highest income

Definition of Mainstream dating

Mainstream Dating is one of the most stable verticals of affiliate marketing. It includes so-called white offers without adult materials, mainly dating sites, for both long-term and short-term relationships.

Income in this niche can be very high, depending on the chosen GEO, traffic source and optimization tools. In order for the ROI to be skyrocketing, it is necessary to competently analyze the market.

For example, Dating in the USA is growing every year, below you can see statistics on the number of users who use dating apps.

Growth of the Dating market from 2017 to 2024 in the USA

As you can see, the Dating market is constantly increasing, and this is the main reason why it’s worth trying to launch campaigns for the vertical.

Mainstream Dating conversion flows 

There are three types of conversion flows for Mainstream Dating offers. Below we will explain how they are deciphered and how they actually work.

  1. Pay Per Lead — obviously, according to this model, the marketer receives money for the lead he brought in.
    There are two variations of such payment: SOI (Single Opt-In) — the user needs to register with his email, DOI (Double Opt-In) — in this case it is necessary to confirm his address by the link from the letter. 
  1. CPA (Cost per action) or CPS (Cost per sale) offers — these options are considered the most common ones for payments in the mainstream Dating niche. In this case, a marketer receives money for the registration of the client and the targeted action from his part (adding a photo to the profile, filling out a poll, any activity, etc.).
  1. RevShare (Revenue Share) — a marketer is paid a percentage of the income from the user he brought. This is one of the most difficult, but profitable options for experienced marketers who are willing to wait until the user purchases a subscription and prolongs it. For this method, you need to have a certain budget to launch a campaign.

Traffic sources for Mainstream Dating in 2023

There are many sources of traffic for Mainstream Dating, starting from social networks to pop-ups.

The most common is Facebook, it is a classic for launching Mainstream Dating offers, while it is not really suitable for adult offers due to restrictions. Marketers also work with Google, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube traffic, they convert well.

Also, some of the most affordable and easiest-to-use sources of traffic are push and pop ads. There are no restrictions on creatives on them, large volumes and small prices. They are ideal both for beginners and experienced marketers.

Best creatives examples for Mainstream Dating on push ads

In order for your Mainstream Dating offers to convert, you need to find the right approach to your audience. We have selected three main approaches for making successful Dating creatives.

  • Use pictures of different girls.
    Remember that different types can convert. Tastes differ, so don’t limit yourself to only blondes and brunettes. Use photos of models of different ages, skin and hair colors, as well as with various body types.
  • Target women as well.
    Although there are fewer women on dating sites than men, it is worth creating a separate funnel for them on Mainstream Dating. You can use different approaches on creatives for them — happy couple stories, photos of men, pictures of cute couples.
  • Apply the logo of popular dating apps.
    This way you create a personalization effect, you can also use a message icon or an imitation of a voice message, it’s intriguing.

Working funnel for Mainstream Dating

An important part of any funnel is a landing or pre-landing page, they directly affect your CR. It is always worth testing your offer both with and without prelanding.

This helps to find out what converts better for your offer, and whether it needs an additional warm-up with the help of a pre-landing page. They definitely affect the quality of traffic, thanks to them you’ll invite the most interested users to the landing page.

For Mainstream Dating, you can run a questionnaire about the tastes of a potential client on the landing page to find out their preferences and interest them.

Best GEOs for Mainstream Dating in 2023

Top GEOs for Mainstream Dating in affiliate marketing vary from month to month, it is really crucial to keep abreast of trends.

In general, Tier 1 countries are steadily converting, but they have a huge competition, nembies in the vertical should pay attention to Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries, especially Asia, it is gaining momentum for the dating vertical.

Top GEOs for Mainstream Dating in RichAds in February:

  • USA
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Kazakhstan
  • France
  • China
  • Great Britain
  • Spain

Tips to launch Mainstream Dating with push ads

We have collected the most important tips on working with Mainstream Dating offers on push ads for you. Thanks to them, your campaign will definitely get the highest possible CR and ROI.

Choose the best traffic sources

In the RichAds advertising network, all traffic is divided into 4 groups — Premium, Standard, Remnant and New. This allows marketers to save money on tests, because the traffic is tested for quality and you can immediately start with the Premium group, its CR is 61% higher than that of the Standard one.

This way you will immediately get a high CR and will be able to optimize the campaign according to the desired CPA.

Divide the campaigns

It is crucial to divide your campaigns into mobile and desktop ones, this will help you save money and promote campaigns more efficiently. If you want to launch a mainstream dating offer for two devices, you should create two campaigns for several reasons:

  • Different prices per bid. For mobile and desktop companies, the price per bid differs a lot, so it’s better to separate them. This way your bid will definitely be a winning one.
  • Differences in TA and settings. For example, for a mobile campaign, you want to target Samsung users, respectively, these settings are not suitable for a desktop campaign, there will also be a difference in creatives.

Launch campaigns on whitelists

Using whitelists is a great way to target only the best traffic sources. To be more precise, whitelists are lists of the most converting traffic sources for a certain GEO and offer. You can make the lists yourself or request them from your manager at RichAds.

Another way to save time and money is to use blacklists. Unlike the whitelists, the blacklists include sources that are too expensive or not converting. You can create a blacklist using Automated rules — they will update the list of irrelevant sources every day according to your desired conversion price.

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