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Betting vertical is one of the most lucrative in affiliate marketing, being an evergreen niche that brings profits no matter what — people always have the desire to gain money easily and fast. Sometimes, Betting vertical is also referred to as a part of Gambling niche.

Below, we’ll give the definition of Betting vertical and have a closer look at its peculiarities. 

Betting vertical meaning

Betting vertical is all about bets on various sports events. It includes football matches, major battles, the results of the Olympics as well as esports and fantasy sports.

This niche is all about keeping up with trends and learning all about the most recent events, from usual sports ro esports that gain more and more popularity in 2024

Knowing the most watched sports, any affiliate marketer can boost profits on Batting vertical on posting ads that refer to a specific hot event.

Types of Betting offers

The offers can be divided into sports and esports ones. 

Obviously, sports betting offers include football, cricket, hockey, tennis, and volleyball, while esport are all about computer games like DOTA 2, CS:GO and League of Legends.

One of the benefits of esports is that players can be anywhere and viewers can also watch the game’s progress from anywhere in the world via streams.

The number of esports fans is growing every year. In the United States, esports surpassed the super-popular NBA and NHL finals viewership.

Source: Esports charts

What are the most popular payout types for Betting offers?

Knowing what is Betting niche, it’s time to learn about the most popular payout methods that affiliates choose for the offers.

  • CPA (Cost per Action)  – pay for registration or deposit. This is the best model for beginners, it’s the best to start with.
  • RevShare – lifetime commission from the betting site income. Is suitable for more experienced affiliates who have expertise and understand the niche well.
  • Hybrid – fix cost for new active player + lifetime commission from the betting site profit.

Top GEOs for Betting offers

Selecting the best GEO to launch sports betting offers can be a challenge, it’s important to take into account recent events in the region and type of offers.

For esports, it’s better to test Tier 1 like the USA, Canada and Europe, the popularity of such sporting events there is the highest. Apart from it, you can try South Korea, China and Singapore, though localization is very important. Translate your LPs and creatives properly.

If we speak about usual sportsbook offers, GEOs hugely depend on the sport you choose to advertise.If it’s cricket, your choice is obviously India and mostly Tier 3 countries, while for football, the most popular GEOs encompass mostly Tier 1.

It’s recommended to start with Tier 3, if you’re a newbie — you’ll make less money contribution, yet earnings can be high. If you already have some expertise, choosing Tier 2 and 1 is the best choice as CR is higher as well as risks.

If you wish to know all about the most trending GEOs for Betting offers, keep track of “Best GEOs and verticals” report at RichAds. We make such articles every month to keep the affiliates updated of all the trends.

Best traffic sources for Betting offers

There are many traffic sources that work really well for sports betting offers in affiliate marketing, starting from social media to influence and push traffic. Choosing the best one can be a tricky task, especially for those who have limited experience within the niche.

Being a controversial niche due to the legal status of Betting sites in many GEOs, it’s crucial to choose the sources that aren’t limited by any restrictions and have lower chances of bans. The most popular and working ones are push and pop ads.

  • Push ads.
    This ad format has zero restrictions when it comes to creatives and landing pages, there’s no chance that you’ll get banned or anything like that. Furthermore, push traffic are real people that subscribe to ads voluntarily, so the audience will already be an engaged one.From RichAds team expertise, this format is one of the most converting for Betting offers.
  • Pop ads.
    The easiest format to start with — you only need a link and basic targeting to get started. This type of traffic is always perceived as “aggressive” but for Betting offers it’s more of a positive quality, as players tend to be more impulsive and sensitive to such impulses. In terms of price, Betting advertising pop traffic is the cheapest option at RichAds, starting with $0.5 per thousand views!

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