How to promote cricket offers in 2023 for affiliates?

Being the second most frequently-watched sport in the world after football, cricket turns out to be one of the hottest niches among all the Betting offers.

The question is how to squeeze the most out of it in 2023 and increase your profits 2x?

After reading the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the best GEOs for cricket offers promotion, get creatives examples as well as learn about most converting traffic sources and how to use them to your advantage.

Why promote cricket in 2023? 

Although you might have heard about cricket as a popular sport in several regions, most of the affiliates don’t understand actual volumes and income they may acquire when promoting this kind of activity, especially during specific events.

Let’s not be unfounded and turn to the latest stats — spoiler alert: the amount of fans is almost as big as the football fanbase!

  • The GEO coverage is huge — International Cricket Council recognized 104 countries where the sport is played, including all the Tiers, from Europe to Asian countries, where cricket is of greatest interest.
  • Viewers demographics does vary — the overall fanbase is about 2.5 billion people from various countries, while it’s watched not solely by men, in 2019 the percentage of female spectators was 41%. It proves that the audience is not limited by gender and leaves affiliates a great room for maneuver.
  • The audience is deeply involved — for many of the viewers, it’s not just a sport to watch, the championships are the events they truly look forward to. For instance, in India 93% of sport fans follow and have a schedule of all the upcoming cricket events and the impressions of IPL grow annually.

These facts do prove that cricket is a true golden mine for any betting-oriented affiliates, the main thing is to keep abreast of all the cricket events! 

Luckily, we’ve made a list of the upcoming ones in 2023.

Cricket championships in 2023
Cricket World Cup — October 5 – November 19, 2023
T10 League — November 29 – December 9, 2023
BBL — December 7, 2023 – January 24, 2024
ICC (India Tour of South Africa) – December 10, 2023 – January 7, 2024
ICC (Pakistan Tour of Australia) – December 14, 2023 – January 7, 2024

Most converting GEOs to launch cricket offers

It’s no secret that cricket prevails in India and other Asian countries, but those aren’t the only GEOs to focus on. 

What’s more, if you’re just getting started, it’s a great idea to test countries that aren’t overcrowded yet — this way you’ll avoid high competition while actually increasing your profits with less effort!

Top cricket GEOs and their volumes at RichAds now:

  1. India — 297 million impressions
  2. Bangladesh — 138 million impressions
  3. Pakistan — 4 million impressions
  4. Australia — 3.5 million impressions
  5. United Kingdom — 5 million impressions 
  6. South Africa — 7 million impressions
  7. New Zealand —1 million impressions

Those are the most popular countries for cricket promotion now, while volumes vary day by day, the numbers are approximate. You can always recheck stats using Predictor or contact your manager about the exact GEO. 

Note: make sure you check viewership statistics before each of the upcoming events and target the most interested audience in advance.

Which traffic sources to choose for cricket promotion?

As any other Betting niche, cricket can be promoted by many different means, starting from the most common yet restrictions-limited Facebook and other social media channels to more loyal formats, like popunders.

In the article we’re gonna focus on two formats that have proven efficiency for Betting at RichAds — push and pop ads.

1. Pop ads.

If there’s any so-called easiest traffic source to start with, it’s certainly pops. Being quite an aggressive format, it leaves 0 chances for your ad to be unseen which is perfect for the impulsive betting audience. What’s more, the setup process takes little time and requires no creatives — just a link to the offer and appropriate targeting for your country!

It’s certainly a match for a newbie to the low traffic price — CPM starts with $0.5, which is more than affordable!

2. Push ads.

Unlike any other format that requires creatives, push ads don’t have any restrictions at all — an affiliate can use any images and texts to interest his audience, so the content policy is more than loyal. This format allows to create an impression of a “personal” message to the user, this way your audience becomes more interested and involved.

From our affiliates’ expertise, this format did work well for football World Cup promotion in 2022 and other huge sporting events, so the efficiency for cricket championships shall be high as well.

RichAds Team

Those are the channels that are bound to bring you profit for cricket promotion without trying too hard, so make sure you test them.

Push creatives for cricket offers: high CTR approaches

We’ve analyzed the most converting ideas that boosted CR of cricket campaigns and are ready to present you with top three approaches for push ads to try this year.

Although they’re universal, they do work and have the highest CTR!

  • Intrigue with a question.
    It can appeal to different desires of a client — earning money, getting a greater bonus or even comparing his expertise. Texts that start with direct questions do catch attention, so make sure to use them for your cricket creatives!
  • Lure with bonus.
    Yes, this is a lifetime approach to use with any event betting campaign. All the users look for the most profitable deals and cricket fans are no exception. Write down the exact bonus sum and specify additional conditions for new bettors, if there are any!

    You can even imply that for a specific cricket event there are time-limited bonuses to create the “urgency effect”!
  • Appeal to users’ expertise.
    You can track which team is playing in advance and compare the players on your creatives, while asking the client to show his knowledge in the game. First, he will be attracted and hooked by famous players, then he’ll have the desire to prove that his gut is always right!

Lifehacks on a working cricket campaign

Now you know exactly how to start advertising cricket offers, but there’s a bit more to learn — you need to understand several peculiarities of an event betting campaign with high ROI.

Seven tips to an effective cricket campaign on push ads:

  1. Start with Premium sources.
    This is the pre-selected traffic that has been selected and tested in advance. Such a group of sources has the highest CR and proven quality — you won’t be mistaken.
  2. Begin the campaign prior to the event.
    It doesn’t matter which cricket championship you promote, the ads need time for a test and tangible results, so the best idea is to start them at least 4 days or even a week in advance.
  3. Extend the frequency cap.
    Usually we advise not to show your ad to users too often, once a day is enough. But in the case of event betting, you’d better set it to at least three times a day, so that you have higher chances to be noticed among others.
  4. Try the freshest audience via New Subscribers.
    Run two campaigns — one for a usual base of users and the other one solely for the new ones. This way you extend your volumes and cover the users who subscribed to push notifications less than 7 days ago and haven’t seen similar ads at all!
  1. Increase your bids.
    The closer your event is, the higher is the competition in all cases — other affiliates also want to get enough traffic, so make sure your bid is reasonable to the situation, don’t make it too low. If you hesitate — ask your manager for advice!
  2. Apply at least 5 creatives.
    The best way to get high CTR and find your own working approach is to test several hypotheses at the same time, the more — the better. Especially with cricket — the audience is diverse, so you never know what will convert!
  1. Use automated optimization.
    No campaign will bring leads and profit without proper optimization, keep that in mind. Event betting campaigns require fast reaction from a marketer, so it’s better to put them on the reels of AI optimization not to miss some “non-converting” sources. You can do it via several methods — Automated Rules, Performance Mode and Target CPA.

Promising cricket offers to test: Yellana shortlist

Now that you know how to actually make the most of the cricket niche, we’ve made a list of the offers that are certainly worth a test.

All the offers were taken from Yellana CPA network — a newly launched RichAds project with exclusive and in-house offers for marketers!

  • 96in IN
    GEO: IN
    Paid event: deposit
    CPA: 30 USD


If you hesitated which Betting niche to test for increasing your income with skyrocketing speed, it’s certainly cricket!

Now that you have a complete manual on launching a profitable cricket campaign, just grab an offer from Yellana and launch it on HQ traffic from RichAds!

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