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Push ads network — is a specific place where an affiliate marketer may buy push traffic. Yes, no need to collect your own push ads database. Push ads networks do all the work for you. 

The number of push ads networks started mushrooming in 2018, and new ones are still growing. Nowadays, at least 20 push ads networks are ready to sell Adult and Mainstream push traffic.

Most of the push ads networks are self-served platforms where advertisers can run ads by themselves. Also, some ad networks can manage campaigns by the ad networks’ experts. 

One of the significant advantages of push ads networks is that they allow running ads on minimal deposits. It is an ad format, that is good even for newbies with small budgets.

Push ads network

How do push networks collect the audience?

An affiliate marketer can send push ads only to those users that have subscribed to get push notifications. This process is voluntariness. The user subscribes to push notifications on a certain website if he wishes to.

Any website can place a part of the code to subscribe users to push ads. For website owners, it’s one of the ways of monetizing their resources.

When the user appears on such a page, he will see the proposal of subscription to notifications.

How do push networks collect the audience?

If he agrees to get notifications, the script will add him to the push ads network database. Each user remains unnamed, and his consent to the subscription is encrypted with the help of the code, which outside resources can’t copy.

A user continues to get notifications even when he’s left the website — push ads don’t depend on the subscription site.

How to find the best push ads network?

An affiliate marketer can choose the best push ads network according to different criteria. For some affiliates interface’s look and user-friendly platform are essential. Others value tools for the automatization of work. The minimum deposit also makes a difference.

At least the best way to find the best push ads network is to test it. 

But first, read the article where we have compared the 9 best push ads networks according to 7 main parameters.

Push ads seem to be a new ad format in affiliate marketing. At the same time, there is a wide range of push ad networks to choose from. 

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