The best traffic sources for Antiviruses in 2024

Wondering about where to buy Antivirus Ads Traffic and what traffic types to use in 2024?

Read this article to find out!

In the article, RichAds ad network team will have a look at some of the best antivirus advertising traffic types to use and explore how to utilize them best.

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Why is Antivirus advertisement worth your time in 2024?

It’s hard to overstate the importance of antiviruses in today’s world. With ransomware and other online threats on the rise, having a good security solution is more important than ever. This is why antivirus affiliate offers are a hit right now — because whether you like it or not, if you have a device that accesses the internet, you are already vulnerable.

If we speak figures, the global revenue of antivirus software market has surged greatly, in 2022 it was $4.06 billion and in 2023 it increased to $4.25 billion, according to Business Research Company report. Furthermore, users are ready to pay to stay secure, 59% of antivirus software do pay for subscriptions, while only 40% stick to free versions, according to global Security Survey data.

All the info proves that the Antivirus vertical will only get more popular and people are ready to pay for their safety and comfort. So, it’s time to learn how to promote anivirus ads properly!

Top 6 best traffic sources to convert Antivirus and Utilities offers

If you want to promote Antivirus vertical, then one of the first steps is to find a traffic type that will work best with it.

The thing is that different traffic sources work better with various types of offers. If you choose a traffic type that has shown success in the past, then your chances of getting your expected profit (and even more) from Antivirus advertisement will increase.

Globally, there are 6 sources to pay attention to!

1. Push notification ads

Push notification ads have one of the highest click-through rates in the advertising industry and this is one of the best antivirus traffic options. It is also the best traffic type for promoting downloadable apps, hence conversion rates are equally high with push ads.

The main pros for applying push notifications for your antivirus ads include the loyal content policy, meaning you can use any phrasing or picture on your creatives, as well as the affordability and voluntarily subscription, meaning that people freely agree to get the ads.

What’s more – push ads remind systems’ notifications, make use of it!

Simple steps to creating a successful push notification ad:

  • Create a text message that will be displayed on the user’s device. This message can be up to 50 characters long (depending on the device and type of push ad) and should be enticing enough to get the user to click on the ad.
  • Next, you’ll need to add an image for your ad. The image should be eye-catching and relevant to the message that was displayed on the user’s device.
  • Make full use of the icon image that you are allowed to use. It’s very small, so images that have a lot of detail may not yield the best results. Icons and simple images still perform best.
  • Finally, you’ll need to create a landing page that will be displayed when the user clicks on the ad. This landing page should be relevant to the message that was displayed on the user’s device.

With push notification ads, many marketers use “scaring” tactics to get the user to click on the notification. While some ad networks allow this, many do not as this results in the user unsubscribing from push notifications.

To make this ad type work for you when promoting antivirus offers without resorting to scare tactics, you can go for the system-notification style of ad.

Here are some examples of push notification ads promoting antivirus offers:

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2. Pop Ads

Pop ads are a type of display advertising that appears as a separate page underneath the active page. Such ads can be intrusive and annoying, but they can also be effective if used correctly.

Pop traffic can be a great way to promote antivirus offers. By appearing as a separate page underneath the active page, pop ads grab users’ attention and can help drive conversions. In addition, pop ads can be targeted to specific audiences, making them an effective way to reach potential customers. 

Popunders are among the cheapest types of paid antivirus traffic that you can get, for instance, at RichAds ad network the price starts from $0.5 per thousand views. With pop ads, you have more freedom with your advertising. Some advertisers even use scare tactics to encourage downloads and subscriptions. Scare tactics include saying the device is infected or that the owner’s privacy is compromised. 

Most ad networks do not allow scare tactics, but many others do. Many networks that accept promotions that scare people into downloading antivirus apps are usually those that own traffic coming from download websites, and freeware pages.

To maximize the effectiveness of pop ads, it is important to use compelling visuals and clear call-to-action buttons. Following these tips can use pop ads to effectively promote your antivirus offers.

Here’s an example of an effective antivirus popunder ad:

3. Native Ads

Native advertising is a form of online advertisement that matches the form and function of the website or app where it’s displayed. In other words, native ads look like they are part of the website or app, making them less intrusive and more likely to be clicked on. At RichAds ad network the format also shows great results on Antivirus offers.

This makes native ads an excellent choice for promoting antivirus offers, as they are more likely to be clicked on than traditional banner ads.

When it comes to creating native ads for antivirus offers, imagination and creativity are the keys to making it look as if the ad belongs to the website it is being displayed in, even when you cannot choose the website.

Tips on native ads creatives:

  • First off, avoid clickbaity headlines. People are already wary of articles with clickbait headlines that immediately recognize the ad (even if it’s native). The goal of a native ad is to encourage viewers to click on the content recommendation widget to see the actual promotional page, so make sure the headline is encouraging but not spammy-looking.
  • Second, use content-based landing pages or those that feature reviews, listicles (list-based articles), or advertorials for antivirus offers. In fact, it has been found that these types of landing pages help convert cold traffic into paying subscribers and not just leads that availed of free promotions.
  • Depending on your goal, you can also send the viewer directly to the offer page, although this technique works best if you are just aiming for leads. Still, split-testing between having a content-based landing page or a promotional page is necessary.

You can buy Native Ads from MGID, Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, Voluum DSP, Content.Ad, Ad Now, and Earnify.

To give you an idea of how other affiliate marketers promote antivirus offers, here’s an example of a native ad for antiviruses:

4. Mobile Traffic

When it comes to antivirus traffic sources, mobile traffic is a great way to go. People are increasingly using their smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet, meaning that they’re more likely to be exposed to online threats.

This makes mobile traffic an excellent source for promoting antivirus offers, as people are more likely to be interested in protecting their devices. Additionally, many of the leading antivirus providers now have apps that can be installed on mobile devices, making it easy for people to protect themselves.

So how can you best promote antivirus offers using mobile traffic? One way is to create ads targeting specific devices, such as Android or iOS. Almost all kinds of traffic types and various ad networks allow you to target audiences based on their device. You can use social media, native ads, banner ads, push notification ads, popunder ads, and more to get mobile traffic.

Keep in mind that each platform has different requirements when it comes to creatives. While extremely popular, scare tactics are usually prohibited.

Here’s an example of antivirus ads for mobile traffic:

Now is the perfect time to jump in on mobile affiliate marketing!

Try your luck using RichAds’ mobile traffic. Here at RichAds, we have up to 90% of mobile traffic on push notifications and up to 60% on pop ads.

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5. Display or Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the most common and oldest forms of online advertising. And while they might not be as effective as they once were, they can still be a great way to promote antivirus offers since CPMs and CPCs for display advertising are more affordable than many other advertising forms. So for cheap antivirus traffic, display ads are a great choice.

The key to banner ads’ success is creating eye-catching and relevant creatives that will grab people’s attention. Additionally, you’ll need to place your ads on websites that are relevant to your offer or would at least make them feel that they need the antivirus while browsing the specific website they are on.

For example, if you’re promoting an antivirus offer for PC users, then you’ll want to place your ad on a website that discusses computer security. At the same time, you can promote on display websites that allow downloading so that the user will think about protecting his device first before downloading anything. It really depends on the banner ad creative that you are using.

When it comes to designing banner ads, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • First, make sure your ad is visible and easy to read. Remember that you have a lot of competition, so it would be best if you can deliver the message of your ad easily and quickly.
  • Second, include a call-to-action that encourages people to click on your ad. After all, clicking on the banner ad is essential for the user to see the full context of the promotion.
  • And finally, make sure your ad is relevant to the website it’s placed on. Relevance is key if you want to avoid users simply scrolling right past your ad.

You can buy banner ads from Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, Adlane, Traffic Nomads, and more.

If you’re looking for a way to escape banner-blindness, make sure you test in-page push ads. They are really noticeable yet not agressive and have really high CTR!

6. SEO Traffic

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of improving the ranking of a website on search engines. The higher the ranking, the more likely people are to find the website.

As you might imagine, SEO is an excellent tactic for promoting antivirus offers. Not only is it a low-cost option, but it’s also a long-term strategy that can produce consistent results.

The key to optimizing a website for SEO is to include relevant keywords and phrases on the website. These keywords and phrases should be included in the website’s title, meta description, header tags, and throughout the website’s content.

Additionally, you’ll want to build links from other websites back to your website. The more links you have, the higher your website will rank on search engines.

The downside to using SEO traffic to promote antivirus offers is that it can take a while to receive traffic. Furthermore, the competition is intense since almost everyone uses SEO to promote their products and services.

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