March 27, 2020 by Aksana Shakal
Aksana Shakal
How to choose the best push ad network

Although in 2020 experts predicted the death of push notifications, they are still very much alive. New push networks continue mushrooming. Others scaling up their audience and increase the number of useful tools. What is the best push ad network? How to choose ad network matching your requests? We’ve prepared the review to make your choice easier. 

What are the criteria to measure push ad networks? 

You can assess push ad network according to different criteria. For some affiliates interface’s look and user-friendly platform are important. Others value tools for automatization of work. The minimum deposit also makes a difference. But the crucial criterion is, of course, traffic quality. 

This point is the most difficult to measure. All ad platforms position themselves best and promise high-quality traffic. Learning traffic sources mind that it’s better to check information on the main pages of push networks. Finally, the test will show everything. 

We’ve chosen a number of parameters that are important for lots of affiliates and made the review of popular ad platforms according to them. 


🔎Determine the size of the subscription base 

Push format has its peculiarities. Push notifications are not sent to random people – only to those who have subscribed to push ads. The potential audience is limited by the subscribers of a certain network. 

The more subscribers ad network has, the more available traffic it provides. It means a higher possibility to find the audience for your offer. The more the better – that is the case.  

Review on push ad platform’s active audience 

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Besides, some ad networks are maximum straight with their advertisers and give even more detailed statistics: for example, you can evaluate the real number of clicks and impressions in different verticals. 

This statistics is an significant reason in choosing an ad network for your offer. 


🔎 Find out about the quality of traffic 

Traffic quality is the most important criterion. And the most difficult. First of all, it’s about bot traffic, which can still occur on push.

Of course, you can read reviews on ad networks on forums or chat with other affiliates. Remember that it is in human nature to leave negative feedback more often than positive. It’s difficult to estimate the number of satisfied customers on the forum. In this matter, it’s better to rely not on the opinions of other people, but on the tools and their statistics.

One of the ways to confirm the lack of bots is traffic verification. You can search for information about the verification of the ad network’s traffic on the main pages or test it yourself using tools like Adscore. All RichPush traffic is verified by Adscore.

🔎Find out which verticals work best on each push ad network

Push ads is suitable for a wide pool of offers. Also, there are not many restrictions in comparison with other advertising formats. Here you can run gambling and sweepstakes offers without any limits. 

At the same time, each push network has a pool of verticals that work better than others. Why? The audience of each push ad network is collected with the help of partner’s websites (publishers). Each ad network has different publishers, and therefore the audience is different. Are you choosing a push network? Pay attention to the list of top niches.

Review on ad networks’ top verticals 

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🔎 Find out if the ad network has in-page push notifications

Until recently, a huge iOS audience was not available for subscription to push notifications. But everything changed in 2020. A new format of push-traffic – in-page push notifications – has appeared. It allows showing push ads to solvent iOS users. 

The new format shows high rates of CTR and conversions. It’s clear: this format is new for the iOS audience, that’s why their vision hasn’t grown upset yet.

Needless to say, the availability of in-page push in push network instantly makes it much more attractive to advertisers.

Review on in-page push availability in different networks


🔎 Find out about the options of conversions tracking of the network

Conversion tracking is essential for the successful work of an affiliate marketer. No information about conversions – no optimization – no profit.

In any ad network, you can set up a postback. But sometimes other tools for conversion tracking are needed. If you run your own  offers or want to track conversions on by yourself, the good old pixel is one of the useful options.

Review on conversions tracking options in push ad networks


🔎 Compare the number of available targeting options

Push ads targeting is one of the central optimization opportunities. The more opportunities, the better.

Some of the targeting options become important even at the campaign’s start: for example, for click2call or click2sms offers, it is better to target mobile devices and certain mobile networks at the start. Without this, part of the budget will be wasted.

Browser language in push notifications is no less important. This allows you to send push ads to the audience that speaks the right language. For example, in India, several languages are used. Some offers will show better results if you launch them in English. Using targeting by browser language, you will limit the audience and will not pay for clicks from the audience that uses Hindi.

Review on top push ad networks’ targeting options


🔎Evaluate available ways to limit clicks and impressions

Another important setting for push campaigns is the click and impression limit. Some affiliates marketers think that if they don’t pay for impressions, then they can show their ads to users 5 times a day. But this tactic is quite harmful. The more often you bother the user with your offers, the higher the possibility that he will not only ignore push notifications but even unsubscribe from them.

Evaluate your audience and limit the number of impressions. The perfect option is one impression per day.

In the same way, you can limit the number of clicks from one user. This way will help to save budget.

Review on top push networks’ ways to limit clicks and impressions


🔎 Evaluate optimization technologies

The bulk of work with push notifications is optimization. The more useful tools and features the push ad network has, the easier it will be for you to cope with data processing.

What are the features that can facilitate the optimization process:

  • Micro bidding allows you to make different bids for different parameters of one campaign. The feature helps to save on rates differentiation. If in your campaign some sources give you many conversions but they are expensive, you can reduce the bid price for them.
  • Automated rules help to automate campaign optimization processes. You can spend 5 minutes to set the parameters for creating black or whitelists, and they will continue to work automatically.
  • Machine Learning CPA (Target CPA) automatically calculates sources that convert better and puts them in priority over sources that convert worse. That is, the cost of conversions is reduced and the campaign receives more conversions at the target price.
  • SmartCPC is a feature that reduces CPC by up to 40% while maintaining traffic volumes.
Review on push ad networks’ optimization technologies


🔎Pay attention to tech support

Working with any advertising platform, you may need help. When choosing a push traffic network, pay attention to whether each client is given a personal manager. There is no need to explain why the opportunity to contact a personal manager is great.

 In RichPush, a personal manager is available after making at least a $500 deposit. The manager will help to choose profitable bundles, lists of working sub-lists for a specific offer, and prepare creatives.

Many ad push networks try to be less formal and communicate with clients via instant messengers. The most important is that your messages shouldn’t be lost in the manager’s feed. 

When creating this article, we contacted the support of some advertising networks to clarify questions about their functionality. For most, the process is organized perfectly: the answer came within a day. But there were those networks where our request was lost and even after a week we did not receive a response. By the way, the RichPush tech support team works via built-in ticket system, which means that even in messengers your message won’t be lost.


🔎 Evaluate training materials from ad network’s experts

Some push ad networks try to make the life of their advertisers easier by working not only on the tech part of the advertising platform but also on training materials.

Webinars, useful articles, and e-books – all this is a great help for work and profit. No one will tell you how to work with push ads better than the experts of the push network itself.

Pay attention to whether the ad platform has a blog and study expert materials.


All the data from the article was taken from publicly available sources. If there are inaccuracies in the publication – contact us, we will correct them.

Launch your offers on the best push traffic from RichPush.

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