Push notifications rules

10 main Push Notifications Rules

Push notifications have their own set of rules that help to achieve good results.

Let’s examine the main rules for creating the best push notifications.

To begin, let’s determine what kind of push notifications will be discussed. This article is not about the push notifications you get from the apps every day.

Push notifications come in several types:

  • push notifications from mobile applications,
    Users receive them from applications downloaded to their phones. A push notification like this notifies the user of some events and tries to return the user to the application. Basically, these are informational push notifications, not advertisements.
  • advertising push notifications or web push notifications.
    Notifications like these serve as advertisements, offering a variety of services and products. Web push ads are sent via special encryption by browsers.
    The chain is simple: the user sees a subscription form for push notifications on some site, whether or not he agrees to become a subscriber. After that, they enter the database and start receiving push notifications from a specific ad network. Any affiliate marketer or anyone who needs a new advertising channel can buy push notifications from the network if the push notifications fit their advertising strategy, of course.

In this article, we will talk specifically about advertising push notifications and the features of their successful launch.

If you are not familiar with the push ads yet, get acquainted with this advertising channel in our detailed guide.

11 main push notification rules

We have now learned what kinds of push notifications we are talking about, so let’s look at what rules marketers must follow when they launch push campaigns in any push ad network.

Any marketer should take into account the peculiarities of push ads. There are fewer available targets that Facebook gives, despite the audience being very large and varied. All stages of an advertising campaign are affected by this, from selecting an offer to optimizing a campaign.

1. Choose offers from different verticals with different payouts to find one that works

💡 Test offers that have been successful in other push networks.

Even if you found an offer that was successful in another push ad network, always start by testing it in a new one. Every advertising network has its own audience. The success of an offer in one network cannot be guaranteed in another.

💡 Try different verticals on the same ad network.

Generally, people subscribe to push notifications and then unsubscribe after a while. There are certain verticals that work best for each ad network’s traffic, but these tendencies may change as the audience changes. The best solution is to test different verticals in the same ad network.

💡 You shouldn’t limit yourself to offers with high or low payouts. They can both work with push notifications.

It is impossible to predict what product or service will “shoot” on push notifications right now. People may think that high payouts offers will not work if push notifications are cheap traffic. As well as low payouts, they can bring profit due to large volumes of traffic.

The main thing is to ask the advertiser if they accept traffic from push notifications or not. This is the only thing that needs to be clarified before testing.

List of top verticals in the RichAds advertising network in February 2024

Gambling: IDN, BRA, BGD, THA, RUS;
Antivirus: USA, JPN, CAN, DEU, TUR;
Betting: BRA, NGA, IND, PHL, IDN;
Sweepstakes: USA, LTU, LVA, MEX, BRA.

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2. Separate campaigns (desktop, mobile, tablet)

This is one of the basic push notifications rules: separate campaigns for different devices.

As mentioned above, the audience of push networks is different. It consists of people who subscribe to push notifications from mobile or computer. So, each ad network has a different number of users from different devices.

For example, at RichAds, about 90% of subscribers use mobile devices, the remaining 10% use desktop. At the same time, the data shows that one offer can have different results on mobile and desktop.

Campaigns should be separated from the beginning to make optimization easier. There will be less fuss in the tracker sorting operating OS, models, and other targeting options.

💡 When it comes to mobile or desktop, the user’s experience is also crucial. Smartphone users receive a lot of notifications. Among all of them, some notifications may be lost. If that occurs, conversions will be hampered. Similarly, desktop notifications will be 100% noticeable due to the small amount of notifications on computers.

rules for creating best push notifications

3. Launch your campaigns with at least 3-5 creatives

The rule is as old as the world: prepare at least 3-5 creatives for your advertising campaigns. First of all, this will give you more opportunities to find the creative that users will like. Here’s a case study showing how only one in five creatives brought in leads.

Since you don’t know the gender or age of users, creatives are one of the ways to understand your audience on push ads. It is better to make creatives for women and men of different ages. Then try different marketing strategies to attract users. The more approaches you’ll try, the more likely you will find out what works.

For example, you are launching a Gambling offer that does not have any requirements for leads (for example, some advertisers may accept only men 30+). Try to test creatives aimed at women and men. In Tier 1 countries, many women play along with men. If you do not try this approach during your tests, you will cut off part of the audience.

4. Focus mainly on icon and headline when it comes to the push notification content

A push ad for a computer appears differently than one for a mobile device. Push notifications on mobile devices do not have a big picture. The title and the icon are all that matter. It is not uncommon for people to first notice the icon and title of push notifications on the computer screen before the picture.

An icon should consist of one large element and a heading with a verb, which is one of the rules for good push notifications.

However, tests with the same icon and different headlines can make a difference.

💡 Use emoji’s in the headline, they can improve your CTR.

5. Engage your audience with pre-landing pages

Pre-landing pages are just as important as creatives themselves. 

💡 Creatives and direct links are not enough to drive conversions in push ads.

You need to use pre-landing pages in push notifications to position the user and lead him to the target action. The best ones are simple, entertaining, and tell a story. All of this leads to the user interacting and being emotionally involved, which increases their likelihood of taking the targeted action.

A duet of creative and pre-landing pages are two of the key points for android push notification rules, and ios push notification rules (we mean in-page push notifications that are available for iOS users).

6. Host your landing pages on a CDN or a VPS in a location near your primary geo

It is important to speed up landing pages. A landing page’s load time should be optimized as well as its pre-landing page. The heavier a page is, the less likely a user will wait for it to load. The issue is primarily with landing pages on WordPress that are 1-2 MB in size. The ideal landing page should be less than 200KB and load in less than 1 second.

It is important to consider the location of the hosting provider as well as the size. It is better if it is near the country where you run your ad. A VPS or CDN can help.

7. Translate creatives and landing pages into the native language of the country

Creatives and landing pages must be localized, it is clear. There is also a need to do this carefully, and it’s not just about crooked translations from Google Translate. When you need a translation, it’s best to use a trusted service like Reverso, OneHourTranslation or Gengo.

Where do you find out which language to use? Especially when a country has more than one language. One trick can be used for RichAds push notifications. With this ad network, you can view statistics about a specific country’s browser language. It is enough to specify the country when creating a campaign, and you can then see which languages are popular in the country in Advanced Targets.

push notifications guideline
This is a list of popular languages in Canada. In spite of the fact that French is the second state language, there is very little French usage

Keep in mind, though, that localization is not limited to translations. You should remember to take into consideration the names and surnames that are popular in this country (which can be useful for a block with reviews) and other details that might ruin the whole experience.

8. Pay attention to the country’s CPC average

CPCs must be correctly set up in order to avoid miscalculating the rate. In the campaign setup, after specifying the country, you can see the average bid for the selected geo.

rules for creating best push notifications

If your CPC is too low, you’ll notice it by the low number of impressions. If you see that the ad has enough views and clicks, then the bid is appropriate.

Later in the process, if you keep track of your bet changes every day, you may quickly realize that you are betting too much or too little. Begin with the bids offered in the advertising account.

9. Set a 1/24 frequency capping when you start

Limit your ad impressions to a user at least one per day. While leaving a chance for conversion, this will not tire the audience.

10. Use Premium traffic sources, the best ones from the ad network

It’s no secret that different sources within the same ad network work differently. You can check the quality of traffic during tests, but this is a laborious and expensive method. This task has already been done for you by the RichAds team.

For several months, we tested all the push traffic from the network and concluded it brought conversions. We have therefore divided the sources into 4 groups based on their results.

The conversion rate for the Premium group is 61% higher than Standard. And compared to the Remnant group, Premium converts 221% better!

The Premium group consists of the best sources of push traffic on the network. This is where you should begin testing offers. Premium sources will immediately show if your offer has potential or not. The most likely reason you need to try another offer is if you do not receive any conversions from Premium sources within 3 days.

Plus, these sources cost the same as everyone else! It’s worthwhile to add the Standard, New, and Remnant sources after you’ve optimized.

11. Use Perfomance mode

Recently, RichAds introduced a feature based on AI – Performance Mode. It autonomously updates sources, monitors bid adjustments, and aims to achieve the set conversion price without your intervention.

The RichAds team has tested this optimization strategy hundreds of times, and it yields an increase of more than 2 times in conversions compared to manual optimization!


As a result of reading this guideline, you’ll be able to use different push notifications techniques, as well as create a variety of creatives and landing pages, but the most important step of all is setting up your campaign.

These secrets are now known to you as well. It’s time to try launching advertising campaigns on push notifications.

What is RichAds?
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