Top CPA Offers in 2022/23

We’ve talked with the best CPA networks and collected a list of offers that will work well the coming winter.

Those are CPA offers that are bound to show great results in winter of 2022 and 2023. They cater for different verticals and GEOs, so you’ll have the widest selection.

As a bonus some of the networks carefully selected New Year offers, stay tuned not to miss them!

Best Gambling offers to launch in 2022/23

Launching Gambling offers with great success has been a tradition in 2022 and in 2023 the tendency is only going to continue. 

In case you’re looking for a money making niche to start with or want to continue getting great income, pay attention to offers from these CPA networks!


This network as usual provides the best working casino offers for a widest GEO selection, make sure to check them out:

  • 3821 Galera bet 
    Paid event: minimum deposit 10 BRL + bet 5 BRL
    Geo: Brazil 
    CPA: 40 USD
  • 3644 Bao casino 
    Paid event: first deposit 6€ from active player. Please see KPI in its special KPI table below.
    Geo: Brazil, India
    CPA: 30 – 35 EUR
  • 3133 bets10 
    Paid event: first deposit 10 trl  from active player in any time. 
    Geo: Turkey
    CPA: 30 EUR
  • 2004 Vavada RS
    Paid event: Payment 50% from the loss during whole player’s life
    Geo: WW (except UK, USA, GE, NL, AW, BQ,  CW, MF, PT) 

Gambling trends in winter 2022/23: insights from 3snet
1. The LATAM countries are excellent for converting traffic from apps, ppc, native ads, FB.
2. Such traffic (apps, ppc, FB) can still be attracted for brand and cross-brands, because many advertisers have not yet prohibited this type of promotion.
3. LATAM, Asia and Africa have their own favorites for sports with a good set of search requests. Check out their reviews to find out what to look for and what to promote.
4. Events rule! And convert! The last World Cup proved this clearly. Demand was fire! Bookies have collected their records for profit, and the pubs have simply enriched themselves.
Keep point 3 in mind, each country has its own peak traffic events. For example, the Pan-Armenian Games in the summer or the Cricket World Cup 2023 in India, dates 10 Oct – 26 Nov 2023.
5. There is more room for maneuver in poorly regulated markets — reread point number two. There is confidence in non-local licenses. 
6. Sincere recommendation: be sure to check offers for popular payment methods connected. If the country is poorly regulated, conventional card methods do not always work well, but local payment methods work well (Boleto Bancario in Brazil; Papara, PayFix, Maksi, MPay in Turkey). 
7. Pay attention to the US – large solvent population. Many states allow online Betting and Gambling, there are pretty strict rules, but that still doesn’t stop you from making good volumes. Major plus for the US – a really well-paying audience.
8. Use native ads! It converts well and, importantly, allows you to narrow your targeting to the state.


One more network that will supply you with high-quality offers is CPA#1. They will bring the highest CR during winter time and coming holidays.

  • Ice Сasino 
    GEO: Greece, Poland
    CPA: Greece — 65 USD, Poland — 85 USD
  • Codere
    GEO: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Panama
    CPA: Mexico, Panama — 49 EUR, Colombia — 42 EUR, Argentina — 35 EUR
  • 5Gringos
    GEO: Hungary, Czech Republic
    CPA: 80 EUR

Gambling trends in winter 2022/23: insights from CPA#1
During the holidays, people are actively buying gifts, which means this is the best time for New Year’s campaigns. Promotions are held on all products for the New Year. Consumer demand is cultivated very strongly, and people buy on discounts in the hope of saving money. Campaigns are popular among our partners and have high click2reg, reg2dep rates.


If you are looking for fresh casino and iGaming brands, pay special attention to CPACash offers. They guarantee you nice profits.

  • PokerDom
    Traffic types: Clickunder, Popunder, Teaser, Push Ads
    GEO: RU, KZ, UZ, AZ
    Test Cap: 20-30 FD
    Hold:15 days
  • Dragon Money
    GEO: RU
    Test Cap: 20 FD
    Hold: 15 days
  • BetWinner
    Traffic types: Clickunder, Popunder, Teaser
    GEO: RU
    Test Cap: 30 FD
    Hold:14 days


Another CPA network that has plenty of converting offers for you! Go ahead, look through the options and choose the most suitable ones.

Gambling trends in winter 2022/23: insights from iGamingCombo
There are no special winter trends for iGaming offers. The demand for them is always stably high. However, during the holiday period, there are a couple of reasons that insignificantly affect the increase in demand.
Many people make wishes for the New Year related to prosperity and wealth. During and after the holidays, such users may be more active in seeking opportunities to grow their income. Also, their belief in miracles gets stronger and, thus, they feel more lucky.
What’s more, such users have extra free time during the holiday period. 

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 Domain redirect traffic,
🔝 CPM for domain ads starts from $ 1.5,
⏫ CPC for push ads starts from $ 0.003,
🔼 CPM for pops — from $0.5 in Tier 3, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 goes.


Looking for the best offer for multiple GEOs? Mostbet has prepared such an offer and a couple of trends for you.

GEO: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Poland

Gambling trends in winter 2022/23: insights from Mostbet
Push and pop traffic shows particularly good results in the CIS. Push ads are perfect for football matches and major sports events. For example, the World Cup breaks all records for CR, and the Australian Open will be the next greatest sport event of this winter. Also, push notifications and popups perfectly warm up the audience during tournaments and promotions on the product.
By the way, in the telegram channel of Mostbet Partners you can find actual push ads for many GEOs. Banners for pop-up ads can be requested from your personal manager or found in your personal account in the section with promo materials.

PinUp Partners

We also have the hottest Betting offer from PinUp partners that will bring you skyrocketing ROI this winter, don’t miss it!

PinUp Partners 
GEO:KZ – 30$

AZ – 60$

UZ – 25$

IN – 35$

TR – 60$

BR – 30$

PE – 35$

CL – 30$

Gambling trends in winter 2022/23: insights from PinUp Partners
It is better to drive sports traffic from pops and push ads to major sport events, especially  important matches. It is necessary to take into account the popularity of events for each GEO.
If the traffic is not for a specific event, but for the entire tournament, then you can drive it to a landing page with a bonus or to a dynamic page with TOP events.


The RevenueLab affiliate network has collected several online casino brands for you at once, which guarantee you high payouts during the holidays.

Traffic sources and best GEOs for Gambling

According to our internal statistics, Gambling works great on many formats — push, pops as well as direct click ads. Especially pay attention to the last two formats, they are perfect for Betting and Gambling offers.

What concerns GEOs, pay attention to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil in December.

Most converting Nutra offers this winter

Obviously, winter and the upcoming holidays are the perfect time to launch Nutra offers. They convert well all year round, but CR increases greatly in winter and summer.

Below you will find selected offers for different niches of the Nutra vertical, you will only have to choose and get profit!


This network has collected the most relevant offers for weight loss in winter, be sure to test them.

Nutra trends in winter 2022/23: insights from AdCombo
Weight Loss is always a hot sub-vertical in Europe and especially in Latin America, where we’re seeing a strong demand for weight-loss offers. On New Year’s Eve, many people decide to change their lives, and “lose extra pounds” fits perfectly as one of the items on the self-improvement list. Also, some are less active in winter, but still want to get in shape to start wearing a smaller clothes size in the spring.

Wanns find the most profitable offers for weight loss? network guarantees highest ROI this winter.

  • 18536 – Keto Guru CPL – COD – [IND]- (Weight loss) – Private
  • 22061- SlimFitBelt – COD – [IDN]- $11- (WhiteHat) 
  • 22043 – ViaKeto Gummies – SS – [FRA]- $110 (Weight loss) 
  • 22301- Fortikux – COD – [MEX]- $14 (Weight loss) 
  • 22106 – Sisale – COD – [MEX] – $14 (Weight loss)

Nutra trends in winter 2022/23: insights from
If we talk about winter trends, then the undisputed leader among the niches are Weight Loss ones. Despite the cold season for certain regions, in hot countries they are always in high demand.
There are quite a lot of different holidays in the winter months, especially in the first half, where there is an increasing dynamic around the world, as people begin to prepare gifts for relatives and friends and often their basket contains various body shaping products.
Also, one of the most popular niches are adult products (prostatitis and enlargement). The niche is not tied to the season and region due to its spectrum of action.


LeadBit will delight you with a selection of different Nutra offers, you’ll be presented with both Weight Loss and Men Health offers for many GEOs.

  • Slender Quick 
    GEO: AR 
  • Idealica
    GEO: EC
  • Potencialex 
    GEO: ES
    GEO: MX
  • Keto Slim 
    GEO: HU, RO


Winter offers from MaxWeb are diverse — they provide not only Weight Loss, but also various supplements, as well as products for improving vision.

  • Fortbite
    GEO: US, CA, AU, UK, NZ, IE
    Average payout: $110.00
  • Alpilean
    GEO: Global
    Average payout: $110.00

Men’s health offers from the are one of the best ways to get a high CR this winter, highly recommend to the test.

  • Uropro 
    GEO: TR
  • Maral gel 
    GEO: IQ
  • Maral gel 
    GEO: OM
    GEO: BG
    GEO: ES


LemonAD CPA-network has collected the freshest December offers for you, it’s high time to skim the cream!

Traffic sources and best GEOs for Nutra

In our experience, Nutra is best to test on classic push and in-page push format. Be sure to ask for whitelists for a specific GEO and offer from your managers, then your ROI will definitely be skyrocketing.

As for GEOs, pay attention to the USA, India, Thailand, Philippines and Algeria.

Adult offers to bring profit this winter

In 2022, adult products gained huge popularity, in particular due to the fact that many networks removed restrictions on the use of creatives with 18+ content.

We did remove them at RichAds — now you can launch offers with adult creatives and landings using our whitelists.

It doesn’t matter if you launch an Adult Nutra, Webcam or Dating, the profit will be decent if you test our selection of offers!


In addition to the classic Nutra offers, AdCombo network has selected cool adult products for you, hurry up to test them:


If you were looking for the hottest Dating offers to promote this winter, pay attention to the ones of AdsEmpire:


This network definitely knows a lot about top Webcam and Dating offers, and this time they have collected winter offers for you, try them this season.

Apart from the usual Nutra products, has provided a list of the best offers for Men’s Health, pay special attention to them during the New Year holidays:

  • 17164 – Max X – COD – [IN] -$4.5 
  • 21971 – Vigamax Low Price – COD – [ID] – $13 
  • 21845 – Urogun – COD – [DE] – $30 
  • 22336 – ProstaAktiv – COD – [DE] – $32 
  • 22109 – Truman Plus – SS – [US] – $125 
  • 19347 – T-chrome  CPL – COD – [TH] (Enhancement) – Private

If you want even more Adult offers, pay attention to the products from

  • RU Tele2: [3842] WOWSIESTA, CPA — 20 ₽ 
  • BY A1 (Velcom): [4626] EROLIKE, CPA — 25 ₽ 
  • RU Beeline: [4557] E FITCUTE, CPA 26 ₽ 

Traffic sources and best GEOs for Adult

We recommend launching Adult ads on push and in-page push, they have shown excellent results all year at the Richards platform. Make sure to test different creatives, both with and without nudity.

Speaking about GEOs, we advise you to test the following ones — USA, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Saudi Arabia. Remember: different GEOs will work for each niche, always check with the manager what is currently in the top.

What else to launch in winter 2022/23: sweepstakes, mVas и E-commerce

In winter, people are constantly in search of gifts, which means that marketers should take advantage of this opportunity and launch E-commerce and gifts campaigns. Also, do not forget about the desire to win, because it will always follow the holiday season and the lack of money, so pay attention to the sweeps.

Top offers for these and other verticals are waiting for you below, hurry up to choose!


If you were looking for an unusual niche to increase income, pay attention to the offers from Gasmobi, they are just perfect for the winter period, as there is no better time to promote heat pumps than the frosts!

  • 46570 – France – Heat pump – LP6 – MainStream – CPL – Active
    Payout:13.45 $
  • 46569 – France – Heat pump – LP5 – MainStream – CPL – Active
    Payout:13.45 $
  • 46526 – France – Heat pump – LP2 – MainStream – CPL – Active
    Payout:13.45 $
  • 45977 – France – Heat pump – MainStream – CPL – Active
    Payout:13.45 $


By tradition, the GG.Agency network has provided us with a list of the best mVAS and sweepstakes offers for this season, we are sure they will bring you profit!

  • New Year
    GEO: Portugal
    Flow: PIN
    Carriers: all+WiFI
    Payout: 2$ 

mVas and sweeps trends in winter 2022/23: insights from GG.Agency.
Regarding traffic volume, Sweepstakes offers are the leaders of December and winter in general. New Year money, gadgets, and other prize giveaways are supported by many advertisers. Also, mVAS vertical offers a high conversion rate, daily payments, and a lack of holds.
Pay special attention to Estonia, France, Russia, Portugal, and Panama – these GEOs show decent results.

Once again provides us with a whole buffet of offers — there are Sweeps, Weight Loss, and Games. You will definitely be able to choose according to your taste!

  • Russian Federation: [4301] Leela Games, CPA — 300.00 ₽
  • ZA MTN: [4424] EasyFitness, CPA — 1.25 $
  • KE Safaricom: [4568] MobTime, CPA — 0.66 $
  • RU Beeline: [4637] TeachApp, CPA — 15 ₽
  • RU Megafon: [4608] WinGame, CPA — 20 ₽ 
  • RU Tele2: [3676] Magazine, CPA — 20 ₽
  • BY A1 (Velcom): [4352] VIDEOCARDS, CPA — 25 ₽ 
  • BY MTS: [4597] FILESON, CPA — 15 ₽


Do you want to have everything at once? Then pay attention to MyLead — the variety of GEOs and verticals is significant.

  • Lilysilk
    GEO: global
    Model: CPS
    Rate: 4,80%
  • Edureka
    GEO: global
    Model: CPS
    Rate: 12,80%
  • Aliexpress
    GEO: global
    Model: CPS
    Rate: 1,84% – 5,60%
  • WarThunder – Tutorial
    GEO: New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, etc.
    Model: CPA
    Rate: $0.4 – 16
  • Revolut
    GEO: Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Singapore, Ireland, France, Greece, etc.
    Model: CPA
    Rate: $11.99

E-commerce trends in winter 2022/23: insights from MyLead.
Winter and the beginning of the year is a time of planning and huge changes for many people. New year, new me, going to the gym and wanting to change your life for the better? Change has to start with small things. That is why new clothes or gadgets that can be found on e-commerce platforms are a great idea to initiate them!
What’s more, if the New Year’s motivation is still there, programs promoting platforms for learning, courses or tutoring will be great. And as winter sales are in full swing, provide your customers with a convenient online payment system.


Offerum affiliate network has covered three niches at once — COD, SP and education, choose and launch beneficial ads right now!

Winter trends in 2022/23: insights from Offerum
First of all we recommend educational offers with a large selection of different course topics ranging from “English for Beginners” to “Creating an NFT” and “Programming”. Many potential customers set themselves the goal of “starting the New Year with new strengths and opportunities” and such offers are a great motivation.
Also we recommend SP offers.  There are many topics in this vertical that can be presented in the same vein as educational ones.
Finally, we advise COD offers. Traditionally before the New Year everyone buys gifts and offers like bracelets, watches, etc. show a great CR.


Are you looking for offers collected specifically for the launch on push format? No probs, WeweMedia took care of you, and prepared a shortlist.

TOP Christmas offers in winter 2022/23

Hurry up to launch New Year and Christmas offers before the holidays actually start, we have selected the brightest and most attractive offers for you, specifically for the upcoming celebrations!

Don’t miss this opportunity and be sure to launch COD, sweeps, and Nutra offers. CPA networks have found offers with the highest potential for this festive period, be sure to take advantage of this chance.


Especially for you, MaxBounty has made a list of the top five offers with high CR for the New Year and Christmas, they promise you high payouts and profits, sounds tempting!


Are you looking for New Year’s offers for a sweeps vertical? Mobidea network has already found them for you, and has prepared a shortlist. A tip from them — be sure to use a festive landing page!

  • 26562 – DE – [WEB+MOB] – Rossmann Christmas 500 EUR Gift Card – CPL SOI | Sweepstakes & Coupons – Giftcards
  • 26581 – PT – [MOB+WEB] – Christmas Whatsapp – PIN | Mobile Content – Downloads
  • 26563 – DE – [WEB+MOB] – Media Markt Christmas 500 EUR gift card – CPL SOI | Sweepstakes & Coupons – Giftcards
  • 26577 – GR – [WEB+MOB] – Christmas Whatsapp – SMS | Mobile Content – Downloads

TORO Advertising

If you’ve had the strong desire to test Asian GEOs and take the opportunity to launch holiday offers, try products from this network!


In addition to the Nutra offers provided above, our partners from MaxWeb have prepared deals specifically for the holidays.


The best New Year and Christmas deals from My Lead almost complete our top winter offers. If you want a high ROI, choose one and test it!

  • Gamehag
    GEO: global
    Model: CPA
    Rate: $0.33 – 2.67

Winter trends in 2022/23: insight from MyLead
Christmas is the perfect time for affiliate publishers. Ideas for promotion should be started at the basics – how to provide your recipients with money for Christmas expenses? Offer your audience an investment platform with the possibility to loan money.
And once they have it, what should they spend it on? The options are endless, but given that most people will be busy coming up with gift ideas, the best solution will be clothing programs or natural beauty and wellness products.
Any e-commerce programs will work great here. However, if such products do not meet the expectations of potential gift-receivers, it is worth thinking about gaming platforms. With such a program, promotion is easy and profitable.


New Year’s offers for casinos are a golden niche, test them together with 3snet.

  • 3623 Hell spin casino 
    Paid event: the first deposit 10$ (or equivalent) which should be done within 14 days from active player.
    Geo: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, New Zealand, Grecee, Italy, Denmark, Norwway, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
    CPA: 150-280$
  • 3220 Ice casino 
    Paid event: the first deposit 10€ from active player
    Geo: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, New Zealand, Greece, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden
    CPA: 80-200$
  • 3732 Spin City 
    Paid event: first deposit 10$ from active player which should be reached within 7 days
    Geo: Poland
    CPA: 130$
  • 3475 Favbet 
    Paid event: first deposit 50 UAH from active player in any time.
    Geo: Ukraine
    CPA: 40  EUR
  • 2494 Winline (legal)
    Paid event: the first deposit 100 RUB from active players
    Geo: Russia
    CPA: 2800-5500 rub.
  • 2904 Vbet casino
    Paid event: accumulative deposit 1$+1$ Bet within 40 days from the moment of registration from an active player
    Geo: Ukraine
    CPA: 40 USD 
  • 3401 PARI CPA 
    Paid event: cumulative deposit 250 RUB from active player in any time.
    Geo: Russia
    CPA: 5200 rub. 
  • 3762 Fonbet CPA 
    Paid event: the first deposits that met 2 BYN from active players during 45 days after registration
    Гео: Belarus
    CPA: 2500 rub. 

Now you know exactly which offers to launch in the winter of 2022/23 and get benefit, so you won’t be mistaken. Also, do not miss the opportunity to launch a Christmas offer — you will definitely earn a great deal of money on it.

Choose the vertical that you like, take an offer from the CPA network and launch it on the RichAds traffic!

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 Domain redirect traffic,
🔝 CPM for domain ads starts from $ 1.5,
⏫ CPC for push ads starts from $ 0.003,
🔼 CPM for pops — from $0.5 in Tier 3, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 goes.

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