How to run profitable ad campaigns: RichAds CMO interview for Dr.Cash

How to run profitable ad campaigns: RichAds CMO interview for Dr.Cash

Recently RichAds’ CMO Vasilii Gamov has been interviewed by Dr.Cash affiliate network and provided insightful information on affiliate marketing industry work.

In this article, you will know what the interview with Vasilii Gamov was about and get the most important quotes on hot topics!

Here we shared some most important answers from Vasilii Gamov that were shared during the interview. Also you will find the link to the full interview at the end of the article!

What’s the interview with RichAds’ CMO about?

We decided to present some of the most important topics of the discussion that happened during the interview with Vasilii Gamov. This is just to give you a taste of what’s in the interview and provide quick answers to the most often asked questions.

Vasilii Gamov is a Chief Marketing Officer at RichAds. He brings over 12 years of experience working in different fields of affiliate marketing business.

Vasilii represents RichAds, an advertising network that provides marketers with opportunities to start ad campaigns on more than 200+ GEOs worldwide from Tier 3 to Tier 1, and 5+ billion daily impressions. RichAds offers to launch campaigns on push ads, iOS in-page, pop ads, direct click, native ads for such niches as Gambling, Betting, Dating, Finance, Nutra, E-Commerce, Antiviruses and more.

Are SEO traffic and PPC effective to promote the online Gambling vertical?

Yes, definitely. SEO traffic and PPC are most likely the biggest traffic sources in the online casino industry. They provide the audience that is already interested in the offer by search queries or special keywords, if we talk about PPC.

The only negative side here is that such traffic sources have their limitations on the content of advertisements, for example on the online casinos and sportsbook. In case of reaching them, you should seek for scaling ways in utilising push, pops, iOS in-page, native and direct click traffic sources. You can find a lot of educational and useful materials on advertising the iGaming vertical on RichAds’ YouTube channel.

Are there any new ways to advertise the Finance vertical?

To be honest, there’s no limitation on advertising Finance vertical products, as it depends only on careful audience research and approach. For example, a couple of years ago I participated in launching a Finance offer by COD (cash on delivery) model. The product was oriented for a 40+ years old audience from the European Union and distributed via CD-discs.

We established a full cycle of logistics: post office delivery, call-center support with education on trading and investing. As it may sound old-fashioned, in fact, this system is still unique and innovative, along with having no competitors at all.

Is push traffic effective and what are its tendencies in the near future?

I’ve heard some opinions about how ineffective push traffic actually is or that it will soon cease to exist, but to be fair I have been hearing these rumours for the past five years. In fact, even at the very first time I worked with push traffic almost five years ago — I got positive ROI in one week. Those were Nutra offers promoted worldwide from Tier 3 to Tier 1 GEOs.

As for nowadays, push traffic is only growing. It has drastically broadened the GEO coverage along with kinds of websites that sign up for subscription based notification mailing. Thus push traffic has widened its advertising verticals, for instance Gambling, Dating, Finance, Nutra, E-Commerce, etc. Now push ads notifications can be shown to users who subscribe from a vast range of web resources and the audience can be targeted very precisely.

Is it possible to reach success without using whitelists and blacklists for ad campaigns?

As whitelists are the lists of traffic sources that convert the best for your offer, and the blacklists are the traffic sources that bring the least profitable conversions, or not at all, they are not the only tools. You can try optimising with setting advanced targeting options on device type, OS, browser, etc. But as soon as you get to handle huge traffic volumes, you would need to increase ad campaign budget, if you neglect using whitelists and blacklists.

What optimization tools does RichAds offer?

Apart from using whitelists and blacklists, which our clients can request from our managers, there are many options for optimizing ad campaigns at RichAds ad network. One of those is adjusting advanced targeting parameters, which can be done more effectively with the use of conversion tracking. By the way, integrating RichAds with a tracker grants access to one of the in-house platform features — Target CPA mode. It allows getting better optimization on traffic sources and adjusts campaigns in order to get more conversions within the desired CPA.

Also you can set Automated rules, by which traffic sources will be sorted into either whitelists or blacklists automatically due to set criterias. But the proven way to get an easy optimization process is to launch a campaign in Performance mode. It adds fresh whitelists to ad campaigns weekly, adjusting them to get as high CR as possible from the best converting sources. We made Performance mode specifically for beginners and those who just want to get a safe choice on optimization hands-free.

How to effectively scale ad campaigns?

You can consider several options and sequences to successfully scale your ad campaigns, but do pay attention to widening traffic sources utilisation. For example, at RichAds all traffic sources are divided into four groups: Premium, Standart, Remnant and New. In the Premium group there are already tested and converting sources, so we recommend you launch campaigns on it to get more accurate test results. Then you may consider turning on Standart, Remnant and New groups of traffic for scaling. Also Performance mode works on all active traffic sources groups and combines their results, so you get the most conversions!

Another advice is to pick advertising tools that can serve you with profits for fast reinvestments. For example, Pop ads traffic which provides huge traffic volumes worldwide, relatively cheap CPM bids and very high CR. It is an easy to launch and very effective ad format, that demands cost-effective landing or prelanding page as the only creative. It also has no restrictions on landing page content which can benefit, for example, online Gambling offers promotion.

How does RichAds compete with other ad networks?

First of all, the optimal way to compete with other ad networks is to add new targeting options and features to provide best services to clients. For example, at RichAds there are over 17 targeting parameters that provide adjusting targeting the audience by technical, traffic sources and scheduling campaign settings. As for features, our platform keeps on adding new functionality, so we even introduced Micro bidding, which allows setting custom bids on certain targeting parameters within a campaign.

Also, I believe that even such little things as a well-timed assistance from managers can increase your chances to compete. At RichAds advertisers get their personal manager after a deposit from $500. The managers provide their help with setting up ad campaigns, optimization, choosing the optimal bid and giving the best converting whitelists exactly for your offer.

How to tell if traffic quality is low?

Unfortunately, there’s no 100% guaranteed solution to detect and prevent falling into hands of an ad network that provides low quality traffic. Many networks neglect paying attention to traffic sources quality and anti-fraud systems, resulting in bot traffic.

The only visible solution here is to pay attention to Adscore verification, an internationally approved anti-fraud system working in real-time. We at RichAds side with it and trust this system, and have been verified by it Adscore.

How to reach success by launching push ads campaigns?

While working with push traffic it is important to remember that this ad format demands diversity of creatives, careful testing and audience analysis to get success. You’d need at least 10 or 15 different creatives to start off, then test them on different targetings and analyse the results. This will get you to the point of figuring out the best converting material to advertise with. This is the first step towards high profits, while avoiding the most often pitt-fall.

And of course, the help of managers is another important factor, especially for beginners. Managers can’t help with making creatives, but they can provide assistance with setting optimal CPC bids, which would allow getting enough traffic for audience analysis. They can also help with campaign optimization, as it’s what your profits depend on.

Watch the full Dr.Cash interview with Vasilii Gamov

Recently RichAds’ CMO Vasilii Gamov has been interviewed by Dr.Cash’s representative Roman Telegin. They discussed valuable affiliate marketing topics, advertising adviceadvices and ways to effectively improve promoting results.

You can watch the full interview with Vasilii Gamov taken by Dr.Cash affiliate network in the video below:

Check out more affiliate marketing insights on RichAds’ YouTube channel!

RichAds’ YouTube channel is the perfect source of expertise-based educational and useful materials on working in the affiliate marketing industry. We regularly share content of short videos, webinars, roundtable discussions, interviews with top industry professionals, and video reports from big conferences and events!

On the channel, you find loads of tips and tricks regarding working with main verticals:

  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Dating:
  • Finance;
  • Nutra;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Antiviruses;
  • VPN, cleaners, etc.

If you want to watch more videos featuring Vasilii Gamov, you can look into our reports about attending affiliate marketing conferences, or Ads&Grans talks playlist. There we discuss important affiliate marketing industry topics with SEO promotion specialists, product owners, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and other industry professionals.


The Dr.Cash interview with Vasilii Gamov is full of exclusive and unique information that can be shared only with sufficient expertise in the field. And RichAds’ CMO has got it. We strongly recommend you get to watch the full interview and take notes of Vasilii’s advice, as it will definitely help you improve your advertising results!

We at RichAds don’t throw advice right and left without insisting on testing everything by practice. Thus we provide you with the perfect opportunity to launch ad campaigns on push, pops, iOS in-page, native and direct click traffic on over 220 GEOs worldwide. You can promote any of the main verticals and start earning right now with RichAds!

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